Why My Mommy Hoards Towels

Mommy called last night. She was in the mood to tell stories, so I listened.

At first she was talking about how the old people would mope about their fate there in America. After rearing up their children in the best way they can, provide education and means for their children to soar high, it is with great disappointment and heartache that their children now had made maids out of them. Not that they would not like to keep house for their children, not that they would not like to take care of their grandchildren, but at seventy and up, a cruise or a European tour would have been a reward. Sigh!

Then mommy was relating Louie stories. My nephew, he loves his bread and butter always toasted. And he enjoys the treadmill. 🙂

There was also a phone call from Kuya Allan in Vancouver. Mommy was delighted. Kuya Allan was a good nephew.

Then Mommy narrated the hoarding tales. Some guy had filled his home with shoes, accumulating a mind boggling number of walk wear by buying a dozen at a time.  And then there was one girl whose drawers we stashed up with panties to the brim. Sigh, I said.

But mommy said that was normal for people who had been deprived early on in life. For instance, her closet showcases towels in various designs, colors, and lengths. Why? Well, once, when she was a young girl during the war, a visitor in her home requested for a bath towel, and mommy had none to lend. She promised herself that that would never happen again.

So, yes, I have minimum ten new towels that come via a balikbayan box every Christmas. I give away the wiping linen to friends as gifts, with mommy’s love, of course. 🙂

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