Here’s An Effort Defining Love

Below the surface-stream, shallow and light,
Of what we say we feel—below the stream,
As light, of what we think we feel—there flows
With noiseless current strong, obscure and deep,
The central stream of what we feel indeed.

—Matthew Arnold

My classmate and friend Pam shared this on fb.  I just had to copy/paste this here so that these lines will not get  lost in the hundreds of messages loaded up on my fb Home daily.


Well, the lines spell out what I had been longing to express.  Love indeed is so deep to be simply defined in a few words. We can define it by saying something like “Love is a bed of roses.” Or we can define it by thinking “I am so happy because I am in love.”

That is love on the surface stream, what we say, what we think.

But Love, when it is genuine or true, is much deeper than what mere words can define. Love is like a noiseless current, so strong, so pervading, so whole, so totally encompassing. Love is within, moving so serene, and yet so powerful. Love. ❤

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