I am not a believer of numerology albeit sometimes my interest is perked up by certain details that are probably important, like for example, why the Bible is numbered, as in chapters and verses.  I thought before that that was probably to facilitate reading and studying, for the Bible indeed is a long anthology of books that spanned thousands of years. But then again, the Bible code was discovered, all through technology, and now we know that the longest and the shortest chapters of the Bible are presented side by side, and exactly at the middle of the entire book!  If that wouldn’t raise curiosity, I do not know what would. So, I started giving numbers a thought.

That is such a long premise. What I only wanted to tell is about the number 22. I dreamt about that number over a decade ago, when my life was at the rocks. I had, of course, wondered what it meant. If the number had been a 7 or a 9, I would have easily understood what my dream was about. But 22? So, I simply left it at that, sometimes telling my elder daughter that if we have to bet in a lotto, which we do not, I would put that number because it is my lucky number. My daughter, since then, considered the 2 her lucky number, too.

Recently though, someone dear to my heart invited me to watch a boxing bout. When he handed me my ticket, I saw that I was on Seat # 22.

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  1. state abbreviations
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 18:54:05

    good idea im gonna try it


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