It is December once again.

What do you know, it is that time of year once again when everyone is rushing for parties here and there, buying gifts for Kris Kringle, fund raising through Christmas caroling, sending greetings across the seas through cell phones, and whatever program everyone can set in a school, and office, in the neighborhood or the community, or simply, in one’s family.

Well, for me, tradition calls that I wait for my girls at the Carillon as they join the Lantern parade at the UP Oval on the very last day of the academic calendar for this year.  I do  not get to view all the lanterns but being with families on such a night, strangers though they may be, is good enough for me. At least I know that people are happy.  I love watching people  during the Lantern Parade, because they do not mind the inconvenience and simply enjoy the event. And when you see them like that, you just can’t help but love them… and what is it they say, when you love other people then you have seen the face of God!  ’tis easy to find God  actually. You just have to look.

So, that will be one event I will be looking forward to in a fortnight, plus of course the Oblation Run at the AS, which, with the major television networks setting up huge gadgets in the past years, had really been a difficult task to see the objective of why young girls and gays overcrowd the AS Steps. Sigh!

Before that though, my daughter is gearing up for the Carol Fest of the College of Science, tomorrow, seven o’clock, at the Amphitheater. Tish hopes they get the top prize as they did the other year.  And yes, watch out for the ROCKHOUNDS, the only org that does not follow any of the contest rules and gets away with it.

A lovely December, every0ne!  Why not? It’s Christmastime!

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