I Do Believe President Aquino’s Speech is the Finest I Have Heard in a SONA!

The SONA was awaited with much ado and much glamour. Fashion aside, the decorum at the Congress Hall was one for the books, except for Edcel Lagman who was caught on cam pouting like a spoiled kid. The Senate President was civil and courteous, granted that he never hid his criticism for the incumbent president of the land.

But President Aquino was president and he knew that. So he acted very presidential, congenial both to allies and foes, shaking hands and offering smiles. That is what makes a gentleman.

The atmosphere was probably necessary, but the President’s focus was on his message. He knew it was his chance to talk to the people because they would be listening this time. After all, it was the State of the Nation that he was going to elaborate on.

So he talked in the national language: Tagalog! He didn’t care if there were diplomats and aliens right in front of him. The translators could do their job translating for these guys. But his message was for every Juan de la Cruz who was hoping to hear that somehow, what he was going to say could alleviate their plight.

And so President Aquino delivered the finest speech I ever heard. He talked about my concerns: the roads, the water supply, the electricity, the jobs, the transportation and the weather. In the course of laying down the foundation of good governance, he was honest enough to say that he was taking the fight against corruption personally. And that those who possess the wang=wang(siren) mentality would have their day in court.

President Aquino also said that the time to defend the land has come. Leave to the Filipinos what is rightfully ours.

President Aquino commanded his people to take pride in this race, literally telling each one to stop the negative remarks about our own, and begin a culture of appreciating what is good and beautiful. And by way of example, he expressed gratitude to his own teacher. Then he taught us that which our parents and elders had always reared us to do: say Thank You!

President Aquino stood for one hour jesting in a typical Pinoy parlance. There was sarcasm and irony in his words. And those who are guilty better squirm in their seats. But to the fishermen, the farmers, the mechanics, the vendors, the jeepney drivers, the teachers, the ordinary students, there is hope.

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