I am not going to talk about birds. Falcon – that is the name of the tropical depression that had been lashing throughout the archipelago since yesterday afternoon. I do not know if it had been upgraded into a storm but right now, it is damn cold!. The volume of rain had reached critical level, and  the people had been advised to seek shelter on higher grounds, or so I heard over the radio this morning. Whaaah, the weather is really dampening. I wish the rain stops. We ain’t got food yet, not even rice to cook. I was so busy preparing for the recital tomorrow that I forgot to replenish our own ref. So, I had been keeping warm with mugs of coffee, and the two girls, with warm Milo.

Tish is ready  for the piano recital, and the suspension of classes today is a bonus practice time.  The downpour is loud and wind is howling, but when Tish plays her pieces, the weather becomes bearable. Music does changes moods, and I am :).  I am tuning in to television news in a few moments though…., I do hope the poor are not exposed to the cold…

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