June Quotes

One week into the new school year and I am already exhausted. Tish is already deep into her thesis which started even before she got ” enrolled” stamped into her Form 5.

I am so glad Jean is helping me with the cleaning. She discovered the termites and had her first battle with the wood eaters, ha ha.

Jean and I hanged posters of Tish’s Second Recital at the College of Music and the College of Science. Tish doesn’t know, shhhh!  I believe Tish is the best non-music student pianist we have in the country today. Not because I am her mother that I am saying this, but Tish is really world class! So, I dropped by the President’s old home and gave him the recital’s program. Had to do this before David Forster discovers my Tish!

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  1. laarni gonzales
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 18:08:57

    I was mesmirized by the message you wrote on your friend Laarni. . . I am also named after Edgar Allan poe’s Laarni a dream. . . by reading such a vivid discriptive character of laarni I am like reading you are writing to me . . . Your friend Laarni and me had the same characteristic!!! I dont know but How you described her is how i described my self !Isnt it amazing!!! You have a good friend there and love her like you never love a friend before!!!


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