Lightnings and Thunders

The rainy season was officially declared on a week ago. So, I replanted my plants. But the sun roasted my new plants crisp and pathetic. I was so disheartened. And with my right palm still sore and swollen from spading soil and stones, I almost cried. I made an effort to wake up early for the past week just to water my dying plants. But all my effort was to no avail. And so I did pray for rain yesterday morning. I said that I only need  rain and my plants will be well. And lo and behold, the strong rain came coupled with lightnings and thunders. At first I got so excited because my prayer was answered, and my plants will live, ha ha. But the rain really got scary because the wind was howling and the water was raging. And the lightning seemed to penetrate the window panes. My Artemis cowered in fear as the deafening thunders rumbled in the high heavens, which seemed just above the roofs. She  jumped from the couch and dashed under the table and stayed there throughout the ramblings of the gods…. Who was it who said Be careful what you prayed for….

It rained hard again this morning. ’tis the third day of the new school year. I do pray the children are okay.


Audrey and Julia dropped by Sunday night to borrow the Harry Potter series. Audrey is in love with Harry Potter. Sigh, said Jean, not in her wildest dream did she think that Audrey will be her rival for Harry. Ha ha.  And of all the spells that Julia learned, she casted the adava kedavra on us all.

Tish finally practiced her duo with Sir Agot Monday. She says she needs to run her fingers slowly…

And yes, the telephone is busy. Family matters and legal battles….

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