Move over Natalie Portman, THOR is mine!

Okay, okay, Natalie, don’t get me wrong, but THOR is mine. I had claimed him long ago, as my club gripping mighty god of thunder hero, all clad in nothing but a loincloth. True, I enjoyed Casper, Betty Boop, Gumby, Pop-eye, and Tom & Jerry, but THOR, he was my prince, all muscles and that ever titillating selfless heroism that makes him human, and thus, my prince…

One cannot imagine how excited I was as THOR came to my life, forty years after, via that silver screen. And I watched him lured by this girl Portman, you Natalie, all sweet and smart, Hmpf, please go back to Anakin, He is all yours.

Ha ha! I stayed for a second screening for my THOR, and my daughter who gladly put up with my childish whims, suddenly said, THOR is now my favorite mighty hero!  Whaaack! What was that again?

Now I realize that THOR has come to conquer all the damsels on earth, young and old! My THOR, my first lesson on mythology! No offense to all the Greek and Roman mythical gods and heroes, THOR was my only dashing mighty man!

Okay, okay Natalie, my daughter also said you look great by THOR’s side. I will not contest that even if I think it is a debatable claim. Shucks, my only consolation at this point is that I am keeping THOR in the deep recesses of my heart.

You Marvel makers, don’t you hurt him in anyway…

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