What do you mean Mother’s Day?

Okay, I know that it is a kindly gesture to set one day of the year especially to remember and honor mothers. That is because, all the 364 days had been extra heavy for each and every mother of all ages… You think only the nursing mothers are the only ones getting sleepless nights? No siree, as only caring and worrying mothers with teen-age children could attest, the sleepless nights are mentally draining when one kid is on an overnight party or gig somewhere on a white sand beach…

And as I only know too well, my own mother could not rest, despite her septuagenarian state, because there are a thousand and one things she has to attend to, both for children and dearest grandchildren….

Don’t get me wrong, I like the treat to a fine dining, and I love that bouquet of flowers with the star gazer gazing… but the mother is probably the most neglected member of the family… So get on with this Happy Mother’s Day fuzz and make the morning meal from this day forward…:)

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