UP Marks Century Graduation in Pomp!

Ha ha! Many could boast about making it to the Graduation Rites of the country’s most prestigious university. But only this batch 2011 could say they belong to the 100th set of graduates who made it to the march. Here’s some photos of my Jean, lovely and svelte even under the searing heat. She wore a spare white dress instead of the Balintawak. The conferment of bachelor’s degree was by college anyway.

By the way, the inspirational talk was given by no less than  President Benigno Aquino III. He was the only one in toga.

Notice the sablay? The graduates wore it on the left shoulder now. Ha ha!

And here’s more trivia:

The sunflowers bloom for the graduates on graduation week.

The leaf-clad Oblation wears a sablay, too, on graduation week.

The Torch of Wisdom, Honor and Excellence, is aflame on University Graduation Day.

University Graduation was held at the University Amphitheater, at the back of Quezon Hall, April 17, with some 2000 presidential security guards manning the area! :X

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