The British Royalty

The House of  Tudors did it again. Queen Elizabeth hosted another pomp and pageantry by commanding all the queen’s horses and all the queen’s men in staging the Royal Wedding of the new century: William Weds Kate!

2 billion people had been granted front seats for the occasion. And the world literally stopped, breathing sigh after sigh, as Mercedes Benzs and Rolls Royces wearing the royal seal process the route to Westminster Abbey. Brothers William and Harry had totally grown into men. Diana must be smiling from heaven, happy for her boys. And dashingly, like knights in uniform, the world’s most famous brothers gave the world another lesson on gallantry. Being royal means acknowledging that your constituents love you. And they did just that. Videos though showed that Harry is up to teasing Will well and good on his wedding….

The writers and the fashion world are scrambling for the right words to describe the new Princess Kate… how about beautiful?

There is so much more to say about this JUST WED English drama… but I want to enjoy the videos again…. so….

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