The Crazy World of the Internet

Facebook had made me realize two things: strangers could be friends and friends could be strangers. Why? Simply because I have virtual friends now, who were supposed to be my classmates in formal school, from kinder to college, and I do not know them from Adam. And then there were so many young people, friends of my daughters, who added me up, and I couldn’t fathom why in the world are they interested in me as a friend. These new virtual friends make me crazy. Two things again. First, I do not speak their language, and second, they keep suggesting people as my prospective friends. And when I had the chance to take a peek, I have scrolls upon scrolls of names and faces I am sure I would not even meet in my lifetime. Somehow though, I feel connected. Isn’t  that amazing?

When it comes to the people I know who would not befriend me, and I would not befriend either because of some real life situation issues, more like clashing viewpoints and opinions, I see their faces and their names floating on my screen, and somehow, they never make me forget the past.

It’s a crazy, crazy world….

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