It is not official yet, but it is vacation time.

Talk about how good mornings can be when one can dilly-dally for yet an hour on the warm, cozy bed… and allow the sun to peek at one’s window, as if saying, you lazy head, up and about pronto, and come dance with me!

Mmmmm, that really sounds lovely, and mmmm, feels great! 🙂

School is over. Final exams are done. No more dawn trips to the refrigerator for breakfast meal preparations. No more before sun rise departures for the half-an-hour drive to the university. No more early morning bumpy starts, he he!

It is just the bed and me, and my wonderful, chummy pillows, ha ha!

Yup, the two girls are still asleep, and I, although by way of habit, had stood up for routine check, am going back to bed and indulge on a summery slumber…

Jean is graduating on the 16th of April. Hmmm, till then, back to bed!

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