Prayer During Panic Time!

I heard the news as it was happening in Japan. I was on my way to the university to fetch Tish, listening to the afternoon radio talk, by way of habit.  At first it was hazy because the news anchors couldn’t confirm the magnitude of the quake. It was a 7.9 magnitude but CNN is flashing an 8.9 US Geological Survey. A colossal tsunami had hit Japan and the epicenter seem to come from the Miyagi coastline. I cried!

I know theoretically what a tsunami means. And I have seen enough doomsday movies to, more or less, have an idea how destructive it could get. The massive killer waves would eat everything in its path.

And as the news broadcasters announce that the tsunami is fast heading our way, I couldn’t fathom at all what had happened in Japan! How in the world is it threatening the Pacific islands? But so much for questions. Fact is: A Super Quake Hit Japan! And my cousin Angel is there! She is our consul and she is three months on the family way, first baby. That is why I cried. Angel is in Tokyo, where, reports say, a huge boat was just brought in by the wall of waves!

When I saw Tish at the parking area, I asked her to immediately dial my aunt’s number. She clicked the cellphone number but I yelled landline! My uncle answered the call and I told him about the bad news. He asked if the quake hit Tokyo? I gave him a strong affirmative including the tsunami that is currently threatening the whole Pacific. And I told him to tune in to CNN at once.

After I hanged the phone, my daughter asked me why I was panicking. I shouted You don’t know what a magnitude 8.9 means. Tita Angel is there! Yes, Tish said, but have you not learned anything about faith yet?

Thus I kept quiet!  Tish was right. My prayer goes…Although a thousand may fall to the right of my loved ones, although a thousand may fall to the left of my loved ones, no hail, no fire, no quake, no flood, no disease, nor any weapon built by man, can put my loved ones down.

And as it transpired, I terrified my uncle and my aunt, who was then taking a nap. My uncle did not stop dialing Angel’s number, and was able to get through before the power was cut. My aunt initially got scared because she was seeing on CNN the havoc that was ripping Japan. But once she got to talk to her daughter, she calmed down.

I had to thank here the heavenly Powers, Mary’s legion of angels. I invoked their help to shield Angel and her baby, and Bruce, too, her husband, from the destruction. I have to thank our Blessed Mother, whose blue mantle I asked for again, to cover us from impending dangers.

Thank you, dearest God, for giving Angel and her family a second chance at life. But I also do pray for the eternal repose of those whom you have called back into your hands. It will always be your will! Amen.


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