The Solar Eclipses of Life!

The heavens had displayed another wondrous moment for us today, a long solar eclipse that could be seen with the naked eye. However, the scientists advise us to wear shades and use binoculars. Looking st the majestic sun romancing with the moon might cause damage to our eyes. As if on cue, the gigantic cumulus clouds made their own show. They provided a little shade to the heat-stricken viewers. But they also concealed what would have been a totally spectacular once in a lifetime splendor. 

Real life is much like that. Many times, we miss the splendor because it had been concealed from us. Take for instance the contention of a rich friend who wanted to collect dues from each and every household in the subdivision. When I told her that not everyone can afford to pay the dues the association was demanding and are really living a hand-to-mouth existence, she proceeded to enumerate the benefits the lesser people are availing without paying. I kept mum. She also came from humble beginnings. I would have thought that she would have understood. I realize now that money had come in the way. The chance to romance life with the simple people had been concealed.

Probably we need an infra-red filter.


(Reflection from two years back)

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