Mommy, you owe me this much today!

One day, a mommy tucked her young son to sleep. As she did, the son handed her a letter. Right then she started to read while her son dozed off to slumber. And the letter said Dear Mommy, this morning your asked me to wash the dishes after breakfast. That cost a hundred pesos. Then you sent me to the store to buy vinegar, that was another hundred pesos. Then you asked me help you in the garden when I was supposed to play with my friends. That’s another hundred. Then tonight, you asked me again to… so all in all, you owe me five hundred pesos. 

The mommy was taken aback. She didn’t know that her son was putting an amount to every errand she asked of him. And she felt bad. So she wrote him a letter, too. When the son woke up the following morning, he saw an envelope beside his pillow. But when he opened it, there was no five hundred pesos that he was expecting. Instead, he read the letter that his mommy wroteSon, I carried you in my belly for nine months. For that, no charge. When you got sick and had to stay in the hospital for two months, your dad and I had to endure backbreaking sleeps in the cold hospital benches so that we could be by your bedside. For that, no charge. Since you’d been going to school, I had to wake up extra early to prepare your breakfast and packed food. For that, no charge. And since you were born, I resigned from my work so that I could take care of you each day. Again son, no charge, all because I love you so!


(Stories from the Pulpit)

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