Getting Legal Business Over and Done With

I thought it would be good to prance off to a good start. So I asked Jean to accompany me to the MMDA or the Manila Metropolitan Development Authority yesterday, the first working day of the year.  I had to get my clearance certificate for a ticket violation I was given 23 June last year. Thank God the resolution was in my favor. I contested the charge invoking the heavy traffic that congested the Katipunan U-turn, and that made it impossible for me to get to the inner lane to execute my U, plus the fact that the catering van didn’t yield to my flashing left signal, and so I got stuck at the outer lane. I was given a reckless driving violation which I asked the Traffic Adjudication Board to look at the CCTV recording… but I also told them that I also believe the traffic enforcer, GF Torres, was probably exhausted when he gave me the ticket. Well, everything is over and done with now and I can renew my license again.

I was surprised at how organized the MMDA office is, and how polite and helpful and understanding the employees are. I got my resolution in no time and simply waited for my certificate because of the hour long lunch break.

And by the way, that is in complete contrast wih the LTO office in Marikina, where the male employee at window 2 demanded me to bring out my license without listening to what I was requesting. Nuts!  But I didn’t argue with him furthermore. Such people will never rise up the ranks, for they do not know how to listen and understand. A young lady saw my predicament and asked her co-worker Diane to check my clearance. The young lady gave me an apology for the arrogance of the window 2 man. And so I proceeded my way out after Diane told me my case was clear.

Random Thoughts

It is a force of habit, I suppose, when at this time of the new year, we reflect upon what is happening around us, weigh our options, assess our emotions, and decide upon the necessary counter measures that can be taken, so that everything will turn out fine in the new year.  Some people call it resolution. I do, too. But what have I got to resolve?

Well, for one, I was feeling snubbed by my cousins Merlie and Joy at New Year’s Eve dinner. Probably because I was relating to their brother Manny whom they have incarcerated for clinging on to his wife and son. Why?, Manny left the gathering without partaking any food, and neither of his sisters offered him to take home food. So I did, even if it was not my round table. And that caught their ire. But all I know is it is unChristian to let your brother go away hungry, especially on new year’s eve! And Merlie, hmmpf, to think that I went out of my way to assist her when she was in dire need of cash, food, and even rides!

Solution? Delete the thought! Forget the assistance I gave. What had been done had been lived. I did my part and that is what matters. Refrain or rather minimize communication. It is a thankless world after all, until one remembers that life will never be real without gratitude in the heart.

Emma called yesterday afternoon and updated me about the state of her family. She is nanny to Tia Etang, now 95 and suffering from Alzheimer’s. But the family had convened for Christmas, and she had hoped that we could have joined them. And then she asked me about my faith. And I said I keep holy the Sabbath day. Frankly she told me that religiosity is not enough. One must be devout. So she advised me to bring the family to Padre Pio’s chapel near Eastwood.

Solution? Start a devotion, so that the miracles of life will come to being. Kneel down and pray, converse with God and listen deep. Keep the Holy Mother’s beads by the side, at one’s reach. After all, Mary’s Memorare had never failed.

Resolution: Keep loving! God has given us families so that we could share with them His love. Our blood relations cause us pain every now and then, some even all the time, and yet God has a reason for all the sorrows and the anguish. Keep praying! There is no greater help but God’s. Work on the devotion, all for the greater glory of God!

It is the year of the POT!

The year of the what?

Well yes, it is the year of the POT!

And to get by well and good this 2011, Fr. Eymart, our parish priest, said that all we have to remember is POT!

POT stands for Prayer, Openness, and Trust.

Actually, these three are the qualities of the Blessed Mother Mary. She is a very prayerful woman, open to everyone, and totally trusting and trustworthy. That is why She was the Mother of God.

So shoo the metal rabbit away, there is nothing to it but useless Chinese business talk. Scrap out the Feng Shui, too.

The dawning of the true credo is at hand. It is now the year of the POT! 🙂

Wising Up!

Today is the feast of the three wise men who visited Jesus in the manger in Bethlehem.  According to researches, the three wise men or magi are actually astrologers who followed the star. And because they thirst for knowledge, so did they find the Holy Infant lying  quiet in an animal’s eating place.

The story of the magi is a simple one, and yet it has many symbolisms and meanings. For instance, the gold, the frankincense and the myrrh are not just ordinary gifts that Melchor, Baltazar and Gaspar carried on to offer to the Messiah, as was said in  the oracle. The gifts were items given only to a King!

But no matter the interpretation of the narrators and the scholars, the only message of the story is how we must search God in our lives. No matter our stature in society, king or otherwise, the only thing we must focus on is our journey to God, and when we finally reach Him, we must offer the very best gift that we have.

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