Seattle’s Best and the ICUP

It’s the new way to either beat time when you have nothing to do, or you have several chapters in a textbook to read and understand and memorize for an impending exam – stay or study at Seattle’s Best, Kenny Rogers, Katipunan.

So, while waiting for Jean who was partying with the International Club of the University of the Philippines or ICUP at the AS Parking Space, I stayed with Tish at Seattle’s Best and sipped some savvy latte. And guess what followed next – an apparition!   Ha ha ha!  Ate Grace, Adam, and Tami came in for the same purposes. Tami had to review for her test and Ate Grace and Adam had to while the time away…

Fetched Jean later and coursed the long road called CP Garcia to UP.  Hmmmm, the lonely joggers were still on sight! The ICUP shindig rounded up…

But the university by night has something in it, I just couldn’t pinpoint it yet, but it’s attracting…

Hmpf, probably just the fancy coffee…

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