Monday Blues

Monday is supposed to be a free day for the UP people but most of the extra-curricular activities are scheduled on this hypo day. That is why I had been bringing Tish to the university on Mondays for the past semester and a half. Her Ceewatts or something like community service hours in line with the academic requirements for a degree is always held on early Monday mornings. Sigh!

But I have found a way to make Mondays exciting for myself. I walk the couple of miles the UP oval offers. And there are not many joggers on this day, most of the health buffs had exhausted their energy the previous day, Sunday, when the oval is carless…

So I enjoyed my lonesome self again yesterday, pausing a few times to inhale the smell of the grass, watch the mist gradually disappear from the majestic acacia trees and allow the sunrays  nourish the leaves…

I was doubly thankful on this particular day because Tish and I were discussing which med school would likely accept her, PGH or UST. We are hoping that she gets in one of these two choices with a corresponding scholarship. But her grades are only on a cum laude status. She has to get through the eye of a needle in order to study medicine and surgery in any of these prestigious schools.

As we exhaled though, a rainbow suddenly appeared before our very eyes… and we cheered and beheld God’s message, sent as we speak about our problem… received with an understanding that the way will not be easy, for rainbows come after the rain, but Tish will get there, and serve.

So yesterday afternoon, I attended to the finances and the health worries. I have to save for the initial reservation and tuition for the med school and also work my way healthy and wise so I will have the stamina to bring Tish to school everyday and back for the next five years.

I had my blood tested actually… for sugar…

And later in the day, towards the evening, Jean and I paid Gina and Kaka a visit. Gina’s dad, and Kaka’s granddad died.

What a Monday!

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