The President Purchased a Porsche and Other Car Stories

Hear ye! Hear ye, President Noy, for I am your boss!

I risked life and limb to stand by your parents’ principles back in the 80’s. What they fought for was my plight, and for the ninety four million Filipinos now who believe that you are carrying the same torch of liberty. But that flame bears the spirit of a people poor and simple. What we fought for in the past was not just a dictatorship but a tyranny that displaced the soul of a people. For whilst we suffer, they were dancing in style within the grandiose walls of our palace.

President Noy, we are suffering still. How many of us sacrifice our health in the sardine-packed metro rail transit just to get to school and work? How many of us endure the exhaust fume pollution as we ride the jeeps and the buses on our way home. And you test drive a luxury car because you can afford it anyway?

Hmmm, something is not right! We had forgiven Kris for her erroneous passions. We tried to understand that it was not easy for her since childhood, and we allowed her to mature from her mistakes. But you, President Noy, is our president. For a country whose poor are dwelling under bridges and whose young naked children are scurrying down the main avenues by night in search of a few pesos for food, a Porsche is stomach revolting. Get rid of it, Mr. President, before it gets caught in some jet’s flaps in Clark airfield or before it gets another bump on the sidewalks of Ortigas. A Porsche is not a Filipino transport. Never will!

And just for the record, so we would remember…

3 people in the used car dealership were killed with bullets on their heads and bodies charred beyond recognition. And the luxury cars they were selling were stolen. The police investigation now reports there is a  gang who would kill for cars.

And a high profile carnapping incident involves the luxury car of Mar Roxas’ female cousin…

Cars… sigh! Where do all these car stories channel the lives of our people?

Walk with us again, Mr. President, like how your mom did.

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  1. Verzekering auto
    Jan 24, 2011 @ 23:33:46

    great article


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