As Always, The Traffic is a Nightmare!

I had no choice but to make that journey to the province on a weekday, a working day. A good citizen has to pay taxes on time. It is our civic duty to make our country a better place. We do that by contributing our share for the development and progress…

But the way to the province was not exactly smooth and straight. The left turns and right turns, and even the u-turns, are made fascinating by fly-overs that showcase gallant luxury cars much like an army of ants …

Shussshhh! I couldn’t breathe inside the EDSA tunnel. Confirmed my hunch that I am claustrophobic. But to get stuck in a traffic jam under the EDSA is nightmarish…

My homebound travel lasted four hours. Perhaps describing the experience a nightmare is being kind… I won’t argue if the commuters call their daily travel to work and back a living hell… 😦

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