Geez! A Fortnight Had Gone By So Swiftly!

Taxes, tarpaulins, thesis, tests and term papers… hmmm, seems that my first fortnight of year 2011 is classified under the letter T. I’m okay with that, except for trials. And what a fortnight it was! It had passed on so swiftly.

Jean had been interviewing shoe manufacturers and shoe shoppers. So we had circled the city for her data gathering. I had to stay in my ragged jalopy for the duration of her interviews. The shortest one lasted an hour and a half. That means that I had endured the heat and the exhaust fumes of the jeepneys and the giant trucks. The shoe factories were nowhere near any fastfood nor convenient stores where I can sit and eat. They are conspicuously located  in some hi-way and by-way where mass transport and cargo trucks ply. And so here I am now, congestion building up around the nasal area…and I had sipped some chicken soup and gulped a huge tablet of vitamin C.

Well, who else would assist Jean in her legwork but moi? So I was the spin top, and I swear I had my vision blurred already yesterday at the SM grocery. I thought I was going on to some vertigo but I’m glad I was able to control the senses… mind over matter, as the old adage advises. The other day, as I brought Tish home from school, the stomach churned and it was a real bad feeling. I was glad I got home safely fast enough.

Tell tale signs of aging, I suppose. But then fifty is the new twenty, so they say. I was able to walk the UP Oval in half an hour despite the neuropathy. And I was jubilant over Jean receiving awards for her paper planes in Physics, one for precision and the other for sustainability in flight. I knew she should have been a jet pilot, had only she listened to me. But well, she has her grad pics now and she looks very photogenic and dignified. I do pray she gets to prance on her career choice strong and good.

Tish still has her nose poked on her Bio textbooks. But she relaxes on the piano every now and then. She’s working on her concerto. I am truly blessed to get to hear good music whenever she plays. Sir Agot gave her a VG on her last lesson, and she’s totally happy with that.

Now back to taxes…drat!  I am Cavite bound… and I am bringing the tarpaulins to sell the properties…

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