24/7 @ McDo Katipunan

If there is one thing I am grateful for when we have to be out at night is McDonald’s at Katipunan, Quezon City, which gives a round the clock service.

As it is, this Christmas season, my sister Grace and I had to wait for the girls who had been having practices for dance and singing fests. And since the university premises are so dark at night, the security that McDo offers is like a haven to us.

So we do sip cups of coffee and munch nuggets and twister fries, and we chat endlessly about gossips and people, and we opine about situations while waiting…. but that is what McDonald’s is all about… not to mention the wi-fi that makes the students stand by even at the wee hours of the morning.


My Secret Garden

Something I enjoy doing: tending my garden. But alas!, I had neglected my garden for the longest time, all because I was afraid my leaning wall would crack and fall. The city government has still not done anything to fix my fence, and the filthy front facade needs real cleaning.

But it’s almost Christmas and I really want to deweed my garden. Even the sampaguita vines had crept long and wild. So, I dared went up to my forsaken garden and really felt so sad and bad at the state of its bushiness. I started pulling some weeds and before I knew it, I had deweeded one third of the lot. I rediscovered my bamboos and rainflowers, waling-waling or native orchids, and my money tree which, when I left it was just a few inches tall, and now it is almost two feet high.

So I had a most enjoyable morning, tending my secret garden. It is secret now because two huge aratelis trees had covered its view. But I would have to get those cut soon because my wall would crack all the more.

The Butterfly Effect

I was tired last night but I was kept awake by a semi-thriller starring Ashton Krutcher entitled The Butterfly Effect. I do not know the meaning of the  metaphor but a note in the beginning of the movie defines the phrase as that seemingly harmless flap of a butterfly’s wings can realistically cause havoc halfway around the world.

The movie though was something like a psycho child growing up believing that the fact that his father was confined to a mental institution, his fate was also somehow sealed. So he willed to make his destiny and that of his family’s and friends’ according to how he recalls his memories from what he supposedly wrote in his journals.

Lesson of the movie – Life is how we make it to be…

In My Diary 4 December 2010

Watched the UP College of Science Carol Fest last night. PMHS was dethroned by MBBS by .67. I would have conceded the defeat had the score showed a solid 1 point. But .67!!, the judges should have given both orgs the first place and no second place. The .67 might be contested because the PMHS did render  better singing  than MBBS. But MBBS gave an upbeat choreographed Hairspray that wowed the crowd. Well, just consider me  sour graping….

Went marketing this morning for food supply. Then I realized that I had not shopped for Christmas gifts. Talk about busyness! Hmmmm…

Jean is making rag dolls. Tish is reviewing for NMAT. And I am worrying about termites…

Gosh, I am so tired and sleepy. Dozing to slumber now….

It’s That Time of Year Again!

I would be honest, I am not as excited about Christmas as I had been when I was young, or when my children were young.  Christmas had become a year ender for many years, the parties that were held were fitting culminating activities to  long hectic schedules of school and work. Christmas had been the breather, the relief period, or the transition break that will refresh everyone for more work to come.

This year though, and it’s only early December, I started noticing the decorative Christmas lights again. The creative displays at the shopping centers had become even more artistic and sometimes, unique. Now, school campuses don a variety of lights, too, and the front gate of the Ateneo de Manila features a traditional fiesta arc and shows a slogan of Peace, Joy, Love. That actually pretty sums up what Christmas is all about.  And that had gotten lost in the commercialism and materialism of practically each and everyone. And that is why I didn’t look forward to Christmas for many a time.

But the message of Christmas that we learned in childhood has its way of recurring in our hearts. This morning, as I walked through the parking lot of Jollibee, I noticed so many poor souls begging for mercy. My sister Grace had already treated me to a 2nd breakfast, and these people probably had no decent meal for days now. Right then I simply resolved to think about these deprived creatures of society instead of the usual recipients I extend my presents to on Christmas.

It’s that time of year again, but this time I would like to see someone else happy.


Oh, I am so happy! Now there’s even snow falling on my blog.  That will be up to January 4th only. Enjoy the snow! And my blogs, too!

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