Poverty At The Edge

I know the times are difficult but I didn’t realize till this year that my family had been severely affected…  Why, cousin Merlie closed her preschool in the middle of the school year, and cousin Manny had been waiting for his salary since Halloween… and I had constantly been sharing whatever spaghetti pack and pan de sal with them whenever I have extra. Yesterday though, when I was buying a couple of canned goods, bread and eggs for  cousin  Manny, I realized I didn’t even have coffee in my own kitchen, and my COACH wallet is close to bankruptcy. Sigh! And the tolling of the bells, or rather the blasting of the firework, or both,  for the New Year, are well within 24 hours! Double sigh! I should be going gaga over 12 round fruits on my counter table before midnight. That is the only way I could have a bountiful 12 months, according to the Chinese… either that or I  keep the PhP 850 intact in the deep recesses of my wallet and hope that the amount quadruples at the berth of the new dawn….

By the way, the COACH wallet was a gift from Laarni, my bff.  Grrr!, did you guys think I could afford that? Hmmpf! But Laarns, thanks so much, people do think I am Richie Rich whenever I bring out my wallet to pay something. Feeling good, I act the part.

And now I am reaping the fruits of my pretenses. Triple sigh! But well, it was good while it lasted!

Poverty is under control anyway. It is just because of the books costing too much. And President Noy ruling on that education budget cut!  Had the stipend arrived on time, we wouldn’t be poor! But we have to buy the books! The reaction papers are due when class opens first week of the New Year.

So blast the firework tonight, buddies, I gotta keep my mind off my stomach. And my daughters got their minds on the books. Drat! I think I am the only one with the quizzical brows! For all I care, my cousins are thanking the Lord for 2010. And here I am, mumbling and ranting….

Gosh, I gotta go, have to find ways to multiply my blessings, like how the rabbits multiply….

Hey Tsinos, I don’t believe in your animal calendar but there’s no harm in allowing the rabbits run my way….

Here’s to my being prosperous in 2011! Watch me!

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