A Man with No Credentials!

Today is Christmas day!  Fr. Jerry Orbos asks us to reflect on the life of Jesus, our Lord.

Jesus was a tiny Babe born in a manger, and was wrapped in swaddling clothes.

He grew up with a peasant for a mother and a carpenter for a foster father.

He had no educational record, no bachelor’s degree, no master’s degree, nor PhD.

And yet, when He was thirty, He awed the people with His stories and His parables.

He had no office to manage His ministry, and neither had He written a book,

and yet He was deemed to die on the cross…

and at His crucifixion, He was stripped off the only earthly possessions He had, the garments He wore!

And yet today we celebrate Christmas, the birthday of Jesus, the Christ, a Man with no credentials

and yet touched the world.

Glory be to God!


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