cOmPaTiBlE InCoMpAtIbLe dIfFeReNcEs

Once upon a time, a newly wed couple decided to buy pets. The master liked a three month old chocolate brown puppy with a cream patch on the right ear. He instantly called the puppy Choky Patch. The mistress fell in love with a three month old creamy white kitten with a brownish spot on the left ear. She called her kitty Creamy Patch.

Choky Patch and Creamy Patch were so happy to be chosen from amongst the hundreds of pets in the shoppe. And they walked proud when their new master and mistress ushered them out and into the nice car waiting for them. But the moment they realized that they would be together, both eyed each other in rage.

Choky Patch sat at the left rear seat of the car while Creamy Patch curled on the right rear end. When the master and the mistress left them for a while, the puppy barked and the kitty meowed.

Choky Patch insulted the kitty and said You lazy witch breed, my master’s mistress was wrong to get you!

But Creamy Patch retaliated Look who’s talking? You pretentious man’s best friend. As if I didn’t know you love to bite! You are a crazy breed.

Choky Patch and Creamy Patch snarled at each other till they turned into a dog and a cat. Eventually, the master and the mistress snarled at each other, too, because of their Choky and Creamy.

The master yelled You should have bought another puppy! Then we would not have been as messy!

But the mistress screamed Why? Who chases my kitty around the house but that insufferable dog! Had you bought a cat, we would have been at peace all this time. But see? Who’s barking so loud?

And the master stormed out. And the mistress slammed the door. And Choky Patch and Creamy Patch found themselves alone. Quiet and shocked.

Then they looked at each other, sad that they had been the cause of the quarrel of their master and their mistress. Choky approached Creamy and poked his snout on her. Creamy  responded with a poke, too. Then all of a sudden, they thought each other not bad at all. And they kissed and made up.

When the master returned, he saw  Choky and Creamy  lying side by side near the kitchen counter. He took some biscuits and poured it into Choky’s bowl. The two pets stood up and started eating the biscuits together. The master was amused and he called on the mistress to come to the kitchen. Still hurt, she came anyway and saw the two pets munching biscuits. So she poured some milk on Creamy’s bowl and the two pets helped themselves to the dairy without hissing at each other. And the mistress gave a cry of joy. Finally!, she said, and curled up next to her husband who was eying her with a naughty grin. Ha ha!, he laughed…

And they lived happily ever after.

NB: Remark – Fun!  Grade – B.  ( Fr. Galdon doesn’t like dogs and cats probably) Circa 1985 ADMU

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