Thank You!

The gospel today is about the 10 lepers who desperately shouted for pity from our Lord Jesus. Jesus healed them and told them to go on their way. But one returned to say THANK YOU.

How often do we remember to say THANK YOU? Everyday, despite our problems and worries, we are filled with blessings. The company of a loved one, the presence of a friend, a smile from a stranger – there is so much to be thankful for. It is a good practice if, at the end of the day, we recall the things that gave us much pleasure and happiness. Then we say THANK YOU JESUS, it had been a wonderful day!

Actually, the homily of Fr. Ferdie, a new guest priest, this morning came in very timely. I had been feeling foul all week. Things just didn’t jibe. Mommy called the other day and she was so pent up. And that was the time Jean chose to be obstinate!  There was simply no one to turn to. Tish was as busy as a bee… The three of us hunted for insects…and the fatigue caught up with me… I was just about ready to turn my back and scream…I was beginning to feel I was in a doll’s house, or a glass menagerie, where we stored the insects collected!

But Fr. Ferdie explained that the number 10 was there for a reason. The Jews regard the number 10 as the wholeness of being, a totality. The 10 lepers were considered dead, and yet they became alive again. All because Jesus healed them. Everyday, we experience failures and frustrations because we can’t manifest everything that we want. Yet, at the end of the day, when we say our night prayers, all we have to mutter is a simple THANK YOU. And everything will fall into place.  Everything will be all right.

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