God, I am scared!

The rainy season had commenced and the dengue fever had hit again.  This time, the medical experts are saying a fifth virus strain might be causing the rise in the hospital stat for this mosquito bite  illness. And when undetected and untended, the condition could be dangerously fatal. That is why I got so scared.

Jean announced last Tuesday, 31 August, that she could not go to school.  She has fever and severe headaches.   I had to look at her and understand what she had just said. Jean does not have the word absence in her vocabulary.  When the understanding sank in, I went ballistic. Dengue? When did you get bitten?  Did you not drink enough water? Or are you just tired.  Did you get enough sleep last night? Jean had been writing the second chapter of her thesis since Saturday.  The computer could have caused the headaches.

But I told her to lie down on my bed with the ice pack on her forehead. I prepared some tea and administered the paracetamol. I waited for the coughs and the colds. It  might be the flu.  She could have gotten caught in some drizzle on her way to her classes. One hour. Two hours. No colds! No coughs! Shucks! It must be dengue. What else could it be?

I called my classmate Girlie and related to her the symptoms. She advised Advil, on a full stomach, every six hours and an anti viral capsule for the next five days.  The following day, the temperature was higher and the headaches were unbearable. I called Girlie again and she added continuous Biogesic every four hours.  I had to wake Jean up even if she was deep in sleep. The paracetamol took a little of the headache off but the fever was still on, and Jean couldn’t open her eyes. And I got real scared. Jean had been lying motionless for 48 hours now. Girlie advised a Complete Blood Count  the next day. It tested negative for dengue. I was relieved.

But Jean  still couldn’t sit up long enough. The eyes hurt. The joints, too. The body was just too weak. And she slept and slept and slept. So I said God, I am so scared! Please heal my Jean. Make her strong again, please!

God answered my prayers.  It was just fatigue. It’s been eight days now. She gets nausea on the way to school.  But she’s eating apples and ice cream now. Thank you, God!

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