In My Diary 19 July 2010

It had been a hectic month.  There was a Monday when I had to go to UP four times, forth and back. Jean and Tish’ schedules and activities are so far apart. But I couldn’t allow one to take the public transport.  It is just too time consuming and taxing. Good thing there are dismissal periods that coincide, like on Thursdays.  Then they commute home together.

I sought audience with Mayor Del de Guzman 9 July, for my leaning cracked wall.  He is soft-spoken, courteous and perceptive to the matter at hand.  I am glad we have a change in the local government. And I do hope my fence gets reconstructed soon.

I had correspondences also with MMDA Traffic Adjudication Board’s Raymond de Ramos and Atty. Rochelle Capili.  I am happy, too, that our people in the local sectors had become easier to talk with. Atty. Rochelle promised to inform me as to the progress of my complaint instead of asking me to make an appearance in their office.

Our eenie weenie baby bun with the winking eye RJ was christened 11 July.  Jean was first time Ninang. It was held at St. Ignatius Cathedral inside Camp Aguinaldo. Wow!  The army church was air conditioned. And we sang the national anthem at the end of the mass. Imagine that!

But our little charmer gave us a show. He squirmed and cooed as Audrey, Julia, Jean, Tish and Tami touched his cheeks.  Poor baby!  Everyone just wanted a feel of his 3 week old soft skin. I thought that was all there was to it when I was cradling RJ.  I couldn’t had enough of keeping off the hands while saying “You can only touch the feet!” But came Kuya RD and simply opened RJ’s tight shut eye! What can I say! Sigh!

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