Our Neighbor Danny Gave Us Avocados!

Rarely does my doorbell ring.  So I was hastened to stand up from my mylotting because of the prompting doorbell call.  Good thing Jean was still home and she kindly attended to the the ringer at the gate..  It was Danny Sanchez, our neighbor . He gave us avocados again. Wow!

Danny underwent surgery early this year.  He was diagnosed with colon cancer.  He is due for chemo therapy but he is seriously considering to forego that because of the expenses it would entail.  Sigh!

Danny had been my only one kind neighbor actually.  He was the only one who helped me when the robbers broke into my home. He was also the only one who had been kind enough to advise me about the status of the neighborhood, and how I should deal with the perks and pests!

Now that he is seriously ill with a life-threatening disease, he is even the one to give us fruits, even if the avocados are only harvests from his tree.

Some people are simply kind, like Danny!

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