In My Diary 6 July 2010

Today I finally got to apply for a UP car sticker.  I am not a car sticker fan but ever since UP implemented its no ID no entry policy, the campus had become cleaner, brighter, and fresher. For one, there is less traffic in the oval and the gates.  For another, UP is turning to look more academic and far from the shabby, filthy university it once had been.

Yesterday, I got to register the L3.  I had a minor skirmish about insurance requiring TIN number but I got that solved by applying for one at UCPB.  I was surprised to learn it was a few hundred pesos cheaper than the usual LTO TPL partners. So I got to exchange words with the branch chief Adele Fabic. I suggested that the the LTO must do away with the emission testing requirement and instead apply a mandatory change oil and filter right under their noses. I do hope this suggestion find its way to the clean air act proponents.

Jean had been domesticated this past week.  She even assisted Tish in feeding the grasshoppers and the praying mantis which we now take care of in our dining room.  Tish needs around 150 insects for her insectology subject. That is not the correct term.  I forgot !  Will correct that later.  But this reminds me of Tom Cruise’s  Scientology. (:

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