Voyeurism Public

What do you know?  Finally I got a peek at at the insides of Manila Hotel, Malacanang Palace and Camp Aguinaldo.  These had been some of the famous national venues that seemed to be restricted, caters only to the affluent few, or those in power. And to think that these are  properties of the people. But all that had changed in the past 72 hours.  Noynoy, as president, allowed the people to take a peep.  And I did, as much as I can.

Malacanang Palace is huge and elegant.  The historic stairs, which Donya Teodora Alonzo y Realonda supposedly climbed to beg for the life of his son Jose Rizal in 1896, was given much ado.  Tradition had held this staircase as where the out-going  president descends from power and meets the successor.  After the inaugurals, the successor comes back to the same place and ascends the wooden stairs.

The new president also permitted the media to view the first cabinet meeting.  The new secretaries were adjusting their retinas to the glare of the media lights. The media reported that the maiden order was a blooper.  Well, it was one for the books.  The president is a bachelor.  There is no such thing as honeymoon stage, apparently.

At Camp Aguinaldo during the the Change of Command Ceremonies, President Noy came half-an-hour late.  When he emerged from his Land Cruiser which now bears Plate No. 1, Noy was all wrinkled and obviously exhausted.  He had not much sleep probably from the work-ridden first two days of office.  His sister Kris should have seen to it that his wardrobe was ironed for the week.  The travails of being unmarried.  Sigh!  But I was glad he groped well.  The generals and the soldiers were all poised. The salutes were firm and crisped.  But Noy will master that in time.

Nephew Jiggy made a video clip of the family’s overnight stay at the Manila Hotel in preparation for the inaugurals. His amateurish but exciting video captured how relaxed, extremely shy and yet vocal when prodded to talk the family is.  The Aquino family had become public property.  President Noy and his family had just given voyeurism a whole new meaning.

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