At Long Last!

It had taken a long time coming.  Finally, yesterday, at 12 high noon, Noynoy was sworn in as the 15th president of the Philippines.  The extended stage at the Quirino Grandstand at the Luneta was adorned with yellow flowers and red carpet, a bit small and tight for all the dignitaries and foreign diplomats, but totally in sync with Noynoy’s preferences.  He would have rejected any grandiose garb for the inauguration of the people’s president.

Ninoy and Cory must be ROFL , gripping the cumulus clouds that maintained their majestic mass all through the inaugural, till after their son’s completion of the order of the day.  And, by nightfall, when the street party at Quezon City Memorial Circle was in full swing, the dad and the mom could have no longer hold the heavy nimbus and allowed the rain flow hard and absorbing, to the son who they have instructed to live with honor and conscience.  Well, singing in the rain ain’t a violation of that code, and the son, president now and servant of the people. had just transcended the bounds and became one with us.

For the first time, I had a peep at our Malacanang Palace, the well manicured grounds, the cabinet meeting room, and the legendary staircase where Jose Rizal’s mother supposedly agonizingly climbed so she could beg for the life of her son.  It was not granted of course.  You and I know that.

And Noynoy posed at the portrait of his mother Cory, the People Power president who became our beloved Tita Cory in the succeeding years of struggle and persecution. President Noy paused long enough not for the cameras but to communicate with his mother. It was just a little less than a year when she passed away and her death signaled the rise of her son. The president must be saying “Here I am mom, tell dad that I am living his dreams of a better Philippines.”

With a strong and forewarning inaugural speech, at long last, the Filipino can now breathe!

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