The Greater Good

I had always encountered situations where people must choose between the lesser of two evils.  Only today did I realize that there is such a thing as the greater good.

Once there was a good man.  His job is to keep the light on in the lighthouse so that sailing ships would know if they are dangerously near the shore. And the lighthouse man had kept well in keeping that light beaming.

One night though, a mother came to ask if she could have a little fuel for her child’s study lamp.  Her child had to burn the midnight oil for the exams the following day.  And the lighthouse man gave her just enough for the night.

Another night, someone came up and asked for fuel because he had to take his wife to the hospital for childbirth.  And the lighthouse man obliged.

At another time, a family came to ask for fuel because they had no gas to cook their food.  And the lighthouse man gave again.

So the people had gotten used to asking him for an extra fuel everytime they need it for something.  And the lighthouse man felt good helping the people in their predicaments.

One stormy day though, the lighthouse man realized that he had not enough fuel to last for a stormy night.  He waited for his supply which was due to come that day.  But because it was stormy, the delivery truck failed to come.

That night, the wind howled and the waters tossed.  At midnight, when the storm was raging like madness, the lighthouse ran out of fuel.  And darkness enveloped the shore.

By morning, three ships had wrecked and had left thousands dead. An investigation was conducted and the lighthouse man was interrogated.  At the courtroom, he defended himself by saying that he had given some of the fuel to those in need.  But the judge told him that that is not enough.  He had done well to help other people but by doing so, he had given way to a catastrophic tragedy.  His job was to keep that light burning bright.  And he failed to do that.

In life, when asked to make a judgment, we must always choose the greater good.

Aye! Aye!

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