God Comes First!

Today’s liturgy talks about our willingness to put God first in our lives. As Christians, we go to Sunday services religiously, donate our extra bucks to charity, intermingle with family and friends in the community.  And then at the end of the day, we call ourselves Christians and we are happy with that.

But that is not what it is to be a true blue Christian.  Being a Christian means following Christ all the way. Being a Christian means taking up the cross and following Christ, without hesitation, without looking back and worrying about something else before following Christ.

By way of example, a priest related the story of an overseas contract worker who had made it good in an alien land.  In fact, this employee had risen up the ranks and held a position with good salary.  And because of this high figure income, the employee was able to bring his wife and two young children to the alien land where he worked.  He never foresaw that his being a Christian would create a situation that would make him ponder about what matters to him most.  As it happened, this worker had a gift of music.  And the one offering that he unconditionally gives to God is to play in the Sunday service.  In the land where he worked, going to mass on Thursday, Friday or Saturday is already considered a Sunday obligation because Sunday in this land was a workday. But one Sunday, the mass was special because of a feastday.  And this worker wanted to play music for this mass.  He asked the permission of his boss if he could report for work in advance so he could have the Sunday for Chruch.  But his boss adamantly told him that if he fails to come to work on Sunday, he will be terminated from his job. With sadness in his heart, he left and proceeded to practice his music. He was fired.  But sooner than he knew it, his boss was also fired for letting him go.

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