Is Philippine Law Subservient to a Particular City Law?

I had a most interesting morning.  I was flagged down by the blue shirts at Marcos Highway.  I was thinking about what my violation was when the man in blue said that he was Pasig Traffic Police and that the particular place I was in was Pasig.  Thereby I was guilty of violating the number coding law that was being implemented by the Pasig local government traffic police.

I was taken aback as I prodded my grey cells to defend myself at a law I was not even knowlegeable at.  I know that ignorance of the law is punishable by law. But I had plied through Marcos Highway since it was constructed in the 80’s.  I know that  the course of the highway passes through Antipolo, Cainta, Marikina, Pasig, Marikina again, and on to Quezon City where the number code is strictly imposed.  Still, if one is just crossing through or making a U-turn, the Metro Manila Development Authority or MMDA would allow one to pass through.  That is because there is no recourse for the motorist to get to his destination without making that cross.  So I always get to U-turn at Katipunan, the bottle neck from Rizal to the metropolis.

I therefore argued my case.  No way could I get to Katipunan if they would stop me at the portion of the highway that is located in Pasig.  What would they want me to do? Fly?

I told the blue shirt which was not MMDA if what he was telling me was sound.  Even a kindergarten pupil would know that it was not physically possible to obey their law  unless they install a fly over in the highway so the motorists would not ply their space.  In the first place, Marcos Highway itself was not bound by the coding. Thereby, there was a catch to the law they implemented.

I contended that the highway itself must be an exception to their rule. And never could Philippine law be subservient to a city law.

The blue shirt said we must go to a the baranggay to settle the matter.  I said okay and I would park at the Sta Lucia Mall grounds and go with them in their patrol car.  The blue shirt replied that it was not necessary to do that because he would ride in my vehicle. That was the time I cursed because: 1) a police must never ask to ride in a private car and 2) I was female and what he said could mean many things.  I shouted at him and said I will charge him of sexual harassment especially so when he kept putting his hand inside my vehicle window. His partner shoved him off and told me to go.


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