Why It Is Good To Be A Roman Catholic!

For Sunday Mass service, the Church doors do not close on the members even if the members are pathetically  late.

The Communion host is free.

The collection is optional.

The priests give free scoops of gossips and intrigues  when they run out of ideas to say for their sermon.

The children can kiss the hands of the priest right after mass.  And the old ladies, too.

The priests can be summoned to perform the Anoiniting of the Sick even at the wee hours of the morning.

The priests are intelligently handsome.  The seminaries had screened them well for our benefit.

We have a long line of popes from Peter.  Makes one feel the Church is formidable against any invasion.

We have saints who lived exemplary lives.  All we have to do is copy.

We have a Mother immaculate and pure. Where else could we have one? And she has a garden full of flowers.

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