Starbucks @ Gateway

I seem to be frequenting Gateway at the Araneta Center in Cubao lately.  I was there two weeks ago when I had to join my cousin Max Goldsborough and his family.  They were here for a brief visit from New Jersey. Max really wanted to have a hot Starbucks Espresso. And so Tish orfered one for Uncle Max, ha ha!

Then I was in the same coffee shoppe last night with Tish.  We had to wait an hour and a half for Jean.  Tish ordered a Java latte. The ambiance was good. The music was a little jazzy for my taste but I had a sudoku puzzle to preoccupy myself.  Tish asked if she could have a Belgian waffle or a Cinnamon Shrink but I had to say no.  She had added a few unwanted pounds…

I guess Starbucks is a place to while away stress.  People go there to sit, sip and chat, whether with a friend or a laptop. I am not for wasting time sitting in ultra social sites but I had a good time.

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