When I was little, I was fascinated by countries called Greenland, Iceland, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, and what else?  I thought Greenland was green but was amused when I learned it was the home of the eskimos who lived in igloos. I thought Iceland was filled with ice and was glad when I was correct.  Finland, well my imagination stretched a little bit and believed that the people there bore fins in their bodies.  And the Netherlands, well I thought the country was deep in the underworld.  And Poland was pulled into the opposite poles!. . . But that was a long time ago.  And the Miss Universe contests showed me how very much the same people are except for the color of their skin.  But as one gets older and outgrows the fascination for skin deep pageants, and learn that there are more importan things in life than yelling the name of one’s country, one tends to forget maps and infos and what not. Poland became important once when JPII was named pope in ’78.

But this week, Iceland was in the news.  Its 2000 year dormant volcano erupted hard and put a halt on the airline industry.  Ground zero!  A volcano , the name of which I can’t remember, suddenly put a stop on Europe’s busyness and America’s  mad rush.  Like a flick of a wand, everybody came to a standstill.  Animation freeze!  Wow, what a sight.

But that’s the point.  Iceland lived up to its name.  By spitting the boiling earth, Iceland deep froze the people and allowed them to stay still and see the slow and simple existence of what life should be.  All of a sudden, a father was playing poker with his children at the airport. A bit inconvenient but at least there was bonding. And people are seeing people, like they were surprised that there are interesting ordinary beings around.  Coerced, yes, but it was a surprising sight realizing that there are as many silly creatures scurrying on terminals as if there is no tomorrow.  Just to find out that they could pause for a moment and enjoy the today, with similar homo sapiens as silly as they are, ha ha!

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