Why Life Begins at 40!

Fr. Christopher Gonzalez, or simply Fr. Tope, a visiting priest, had this to say.

Life begins at 40 because everyone is in need of second chances. Life begins at 40 because this is the time to think about the regrets which one would like to rectify. Life begins at 40 because by this age, one would have known what is at stake with life and thereby knows how to proceed with it.

By way of analogy, Fr. Tope related the story of Simon Peter, the erstwhile apostle who denied Jesus 3 times. It would not have been so devastating if Peter was low key.  But no, he was at the forefront of Jesus’ preaching life. He was the next buddy.  He was there during the multiplication of bread and fish.  He was there during the roughwaves of the sea.  He was there at the transfiguration. He was at the Last Supper.  He was even there at the garden of Gethsemane when Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus.  But lo!  When asked if he was with Jesus’ ministry, he denied Him three times.

That is what is ultimately regrettable in life.  To have known and believed but allow cowardice to prevail. And many of us do this.  That is why we commit mistakes which are seemingly perceived unforgivable.

But second chances are given us to redeem ourselves from those surmountable mistakes.  Like Peter, Jesus appeared a third time after the resurrection.  This time He asked Peter Do you love me? When Peter said yes, Jesus replied Feed my lamb. Then He asked again Do you love me? When Peter answered yes, Jesus said Tend my lamb. Then He asked a third time Do you love me? Peter was hurt because Jesus must know how much he loved Him.  But he said yes again.  And Jesus told him Feed my sheep.

That is the way with God, he gives us so many second chances.  He allows us to realize our regrets and rectify our errors.  That is why when one is blessed enough to reach the age of 40, one must already have discernment.  Life becomes more relaxed and happy.

Life begins anew!

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