In My Diary 15 April 2010 or Summer 2010

Summer school started last Tuesday and Tish counted exactly 24 whole days to learn BioChem, lecture and laboratory.  Piano had really taken a backseat, but Tish run her fingers on the ivory keys whenever she can. The target is both the NMAT and the recital in December.  If she does well in both, then that’s the bull’s eye.

Jean had been lacking sleep, so she says.  But I believe she is just getting the travel lag from her PICC stint. Manila, after all, is an air polluted city.  She felt the freshness of  the valley when we crossed the hi-way from Katipunan. Learning to be a  train toughie.   Marvelling at the wide world interacting in her practicum office – reservations department. Applying make-up and wearing panty hose. Slowly becoming a cosmopolitan girl, tsk tsk!  But she seems to be enjoying her training.  And she becomes talkative when she is ultra tired.

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