The Heat of Summer

The summer heat had been tipping the temperature gauge.  The new day’s record keeps surpassing the previous day’s.  The dams had dried up.  If this continues,  the water distribution would most likely turn to rationing. I do hope it does not come to that.

Many people had suffered from heatstroke.  The radio broadcast had reported some fatalities.  Even Kris Aquino, Noynoy Aquino’s youngest sister, experienced faintness after walking three hours to shake hands with the poorer constituents in Quezon City. And as the El Nino phenomenon persists, so does the election fever which is on the homestretch for the May 10 polls.

The campaign had heated up.  In Antipolo, some incumbent supporters had opened gunfires with the mayoralty challenger and his team, or so they say. Shucks!  Of all the campaign strategies, this is the foulest.  The candidates seem to believe they can fool the people by staging violence and get sympathy.  No siree!  Not anymore. The Filipino voters had emerged.

Except when I hear survey results saying the senate reelectionist from Cavite is topping the winning slate.  Gosh, the poor still see him as an idol not knowing his legislative performance is as grandiose only as a sex scandal can get.

But I myself, am in a tremendous dilemma about who to vote.  I actually do not know the personages of those seeking elective positions.  That is why I am feeling a bit uncomfortable now.  I have 30 days to study and weigh these people.  The heat of summer is making me queasy.  Oh well!

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