Pet Peeves

Remember the time when in grade school almost everyone wants someone to  fill in the spaces in their autograph books? Well, back then, I always resort to wracking my grey cells about what to write on the line that says pet peeves.  I couldn’t  think of something that I hate most in a person.

But not anymore!  Probably that autograph thing pushed me to see through people.  And I seem to have the sense to know whether one is good or bad, just by appearance alone, or by some data given me about a situation pertaining to that person.  I can put two and two together and come up with a sound judgment.

Now I know what to inscribe as a pet peeve.  I would write bully. A bully is someone who condescends another in various ways.

And the other day, whilst I was enlisting my Jean for her practicum, I chanced upon the college assessor nowhere in his post while I was there for the assessment of fees.  His officemate tried to tell me some excuse that he has business somewhere in the campus.   Too late, he had already told my daughter Tish, who was supposed to be doing the enlisting,  that the assessor went out to get his food.  That is why I was enraged.  It was a good solid one hour before lunch! That is why I stormed the office.  And to pin more nails in the coffin, he said that the assessor was waiting for students but when no one came, he left for the main campus. Bull!  I said I was not taking that excuse.  And he answered “Nothing could be done but wait.” Bull again! I said that I was taking the matter to the dean.  But as it happened, the dean was in a faculty meeting, deliberaion of graduating students.

Then the assessor  C2 Something showed up half an hour or so after.  And when I stood by his desk, he was telling me that assessing was not his only job.  He had other jobs as well.  Bull!  As far as I was concerned, the assessor must be there to assess the students’ fees.  And he was not there.  Who cares about his other jobs? But I did not dignify his excuses with responses.  I had decided to take him up to higher authority.

Then I learned later on that it was his practice to disappear from 11 to 2.  And when students complain, he would just say Kayo naman, lunch!

Ain’t that bullying the students?  Imagine these students having to walk two kilometers and up a footbridge under the searing sun and when they get to his office he was out for lunch! Where is the kindness in that?  I was told one student gave way to exhaustion and just cried uncontrollably last year. The assessor was lunching.

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