Up Close and Personal

I had just been to Mayor Marides Fernando’s office.  I had to talk to her about my leaning wall and see if the municipal government would have it repaired.  After all, it was the responsibility of the engineering office to have taken extra care in constructing the sidewalk.  My wall would not have been damaged.

I wondered, on my way to the municipal hall, how I would have responded had I been given a firm NO.  As it turned out, my fleeting thoughts would not have been necessary.  Mayor Fernando received me with glee, despite the loads of paper that adorned her table, all for reading and signing.  She asked if she could continue with her work while we talked.  I said yes, of course. Then she said that the work piled up because she had surgery.  A cyst was removed from her uterus.  Considering that I was just talking to her two weeks ago, it must be really selflessness for her to attend to desk work so soon after the operation.  I asked if the results were all right.  She said yes, thank God.

Mayor Marides explained that the local government could only provide a one meter fence.  But I asked further if it could be extended a bit more to cover the soil that it will hold. She said that she will ask the chief engineer to check if it was possible.

Then I took the opportunity to thank her for all the things her husband and herself did to Marikina City.  I told her that the people know what they have done.  The constituents who benefitted from the infrastructure and the discipline know that they are good and selfless leaders.

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