Year of the Tiger

The afternoon television yesterday was packed with yellow fever.  Nope, it was not election related but, soothingly, sports oriented.  Why yellow?  Well, yellow is the dominant jersey color of the Thomasian tigers.  And their two teams, male and female, cupped the UAAP Volleyball Championships, back to back.

The sensation was actually expected, 2010 being the year of the tiger. But more than that Chinese superstition, the formidable teams from UST were just swooning with talent and virtuosity in the volleyball court.  Pecano, Torres, Ramos, Ilano for the men.  Maizo, Tabaquero, Dimaculangan, Caballejo, Ortiz, Banaticla, Santiago, Curato for the women.  One day, their names would just be names in the tally record sheets.  But as of today, their names spell glory and honor for  jobs well done.  A great treat for a Thomasian like me!  Take that, FEU!  What dya say now La Salle? What?  I didn’t hear ya!  Ha ha!

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