Excessive Arrogance ’09

(Was writing this in December just before all the season’s activities commenced.  Am not up to editing anything.  Here’s a reflection about how things were at that moment.)

Advent draws to a close. It’s almost Christmas, the season of joy and giving.  I wonder how many had actually undergone some soul searching.  Advent is supposed to be a month long period of waiting.  During that time, one has to prepare oneself for the coming of the Messiah.   But the preparation for the merriment of Christmas, such as shopping for gifts, detailing recipes for the noche buena feast, caroling and fund raising, loud parties and whatever gimmick there is for revelry, had obscured the importance of musing about the birth of the Child who would be our Savior.

The Karaoke sound system kicked off to a blast.  That was from the home of the excessively wealthy government contractor, or so I heard.  The party had been huge.  The voices and the singing, the laughter and the cheers reverberated through the houses down the block.  Ironically, down the block was the makeshift camp of the street children begging for plastic wares.  The clothes they wore were torn and filthy.  And the children were counting used water bottles to fill the sack.  Had they been born otherwise, they could have been counting chocolate candy bars to fill in a Christmas sock.

Poverty is as near as the next door.  In fact, it is knocking on my door.  Unless I will myself to turn callous, there is no escaping that face of a weather-beaten child asking for food.  My platter is not filled but I had enough to share for one or two.  I wonder now if the pompous display of wealth, as in a thousand glittering lights in a single house, could have accomodated a hundred mouths more.  The banquet must have overflowed with tasty dishes. But that is the way of the world.  The rich accumulates everything for themselves and leaves nada to the deprived.  Arrogance? Excessive! Sigh!

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