The Finding of the Christ Child in the Temple

Today,  the third Sunday of January, we celebrate the feast of the Santo Nino or the Child Jesus.  I believe the Philippines is the only country granted by the Holy See to commemorate the Finding of the Christ Child in the temple.  And we celebrate it complete with the traditional native festivites like street dancing.  But the adoration is embedded in the shouts of Pit Senor!

What is in the Child Jesus that at least three tribes in the Visayas gear up their pagan costumes and converge in the streets to hail the Santo Nino?

There seems to be many answers depending on the orientation of one’s devotion.  Many remain loyal to that 16th century Spanish colonial promise that the image of the Little Boy Jesus will bring peace and prosperity to the devotee.  But of course now, we know that the Santo Nino is the boy left behind in Jerusalem and was found conversing with the learned.  When queried by His Mother Mary, the boy Jesus simply said that He must be His Father’s will. The Boy went home with His parents and advanced in years.

A Child is born to us, a Son is given to us.

God had literally dwelt in our midst. What a wonderful blessing for man! We have a picture of that Boy, our God, just like us! A constant reminder that we must be like little children again, simple, candid and unassuming in life. Then God would want us to go to Him.

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