In My Diary 11 January 2010

There’s something poignant about the new year.  Gem passed away last Friday, around 6 or 7 pm, when dusk had finally settled in the cold January night.  Can’t help but think that she was somewhere near because I remember feeling quaint, or eerie, just before receiving the news of her demise.  Jean and I rushed to the hospital to give the family support.  And we discovered how her remains were stashed at the end of the corridor pending settlement of bills. Since it was late  and on the eve of a weekend, the family had to surrender their car registration receipt.  The coroner came to take the body by midnight. And Wilson, Gem’s husband, followed to the morgue.  I brought the 3 children home, tears quietly rolling down their eyes as grief about losing their mom continues to behold their young minds and hearts.

The wake is being held at the St. Paul of the Cross mortuary.  Amazingly, the children had calmly accepted their mother’s fate and received the visitors to pay their last respect. Elaine, Bam, and Gwen- too young yet for such a tremendous loss. But God has His reason.

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