In My Diary 2 December 09

The advent season had begun.  Shockingly, Fr. Rafael delivered  a homily about death.  Everyone is gearing up for a happier Christmas.  The devastation left by the typhoon hampered the spirit of the season.  And the grim genocide that took place in Maguindanao  puzzled practically all logical arguments and sanity itself.  That is why the people came to church, hoping some answers to their queries could soothe the hearts and the minds.  But Fr. Rafael chose to discuss death and the reality that each one of us will simply face it one day.  To graphically describe it better, he brought out a skull that he bought for twenty-five pesos.  Then he explained that all the prettifying and facelifting, nose alteration and silicone injections would all be to naught.  All of us will just turn into nothing but a skull. So we better put our energy into that which could overhaul the soul, sort of prepare it for kingdom come, the coming of the Messiah.  When we do that, trip to the confessional box, that is, then perhaps we could see enlightenment and live through the horrors that besought us these days.

I had taken that message literally.  I started cleaning the house.  As the old quip says “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”  So, despite the athritic fingers and the neuropathic feet, I had whitewashed my entire home!  Well, not completely yet because the bookshelves still need dusting.  But that’s about it.  Tish had helped with the trimmings and our lights glitter the curve of our quiet street.  Jean and Tish had also sorted their clothes and bags for rummage sale.  But our box for the poor had been filled to the brim.  Tish added a sigh saying the poor might not even want to accept our donation.  Many of our clothings had been over worn.  So Jean gathered a little courage to turn her most loved and most comfortable home wear to rags.  Yup!  Now the window jalousies and the bathroom mirrors are sparkling clean.

I should have been a little bit more sympathetic with the tragedies that had taken place.  But what can I do?   I have said my prayers, really said my prayers and begged God not to allow the culprits get away with their greed and their pride.  I have seen students at the university light candles and stand quietly in prayer for the souls of those who expired in violence.  The young people are really pervading to the senses.  They feel the news and they do their best to make their world a better place to live in, even if only in the littlest way they know how.  So, I take it from the youth and try also my very best to relate to other people, like the jeepney and tricycle drivers, and educate them about road courtesy.  The youth truly know that their lives are at stake. And they need all the help they can get from the old.

November had been a dreary month.  It actually ushered in the North Wind and the gentle breeze of mist and cold.  I had to unearth the sweaters and the shawls. Yet the shivering bones call for more warmth.  The coffee  granules graces the kitchen counter 24/7. And I had been addicted back to caffeine.  Blame the cold, please!

Tish is ever busy with her carol fest.  That had been her December preoccupation ever since she discovered choral competitions.  This time, she is singing alto 1 for the PMHS, her org.

Jean, however, declines invitations for such.  She would rather exert energy on her research and her abstracts.  Her name had been archived in her college library for a couple of works.  But she sings a lot of Carrie Underwood, I think. Jean had been hired by the faculty secretary to assist her.  Now she is earning.  But her first pay came via a convention at Crown Plaza Hotel in Ortigas.

There are many heartbreaking sentiments in the family, too.  Mommy gave up her home in Palmdale.  What’s the use if daddy is staying at the nursing home.  Ninang Bay fractured a tendon in her foot.   She had been on a cast for three weeks.  But say, what is life without the troubles and discomforts and insecurities.

But look here!  Christmas is coming and there is no better season than that. Aside from Jesus,  Jean, Tami and Tish are also celebrating their birthdays.  Tami and Tish are turning legal.  Life is wonderful!

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